FlakeKings and Motorcycles is a creative company that is working on their own lifestyle brand since 2010. The name FlakeKings is created for the passion of the metalflake parts on choppers and cars. The name Kings comes from the group of 3 friends that started this whole idea. We've build up already quite some unique merchandise throughout the years. And create all the designs at our own drawing table. One of the first shirts we’ve created was the original FK logo on the back of a black T-shirt with real metalflake print in the helmet of the skull. This style is still one of the best-selling shirts we have nowadays and truly reflects the brand. FlakeKings and Motorcycles products are only available at our own website or on Motorcycle and Hot Rod shows we attend within Europe. The plan for the future is to find selected retailers that share our story and want to kick the brand into next gear! #supporttheindependents. All artwork, graphics, merchandise and products are designed by ourselves and come in limited editions.