We are not a club! We are just a couple of enthusiasts that love to build and ride bikes and cars with great passion. And we want to share this with other enthusiasts. We are all different in what we do, the skills that we developed, the wide interest band that we have and just this is what makes FlakeKings and Motorcycles such an unique brand. Everybody is welcome, we don’t look down at the type of your bike, car or the way it’s build. Not even at the clothes you wear. We only love the passion that we all share. Interested in more details to our story? Want to meet us or check out the garage (walHALLa)?! Feel free to pay us a visit. Send us a message if you want to come over and say ‘Holy moly, this is great!'.


If you have any questions about our products or remarks to help us provide you the best service possible, please let us know. We're just trying to get you some cool stuff, quite a bit different than all the rest, to make you feel just that tiny bit more special. Not in an arrogant way, but in a cool way, on your highway. Just like a King.


Mail us with your question or remark at: