Choppertank V - STATE PRISON "Elipso" Teardrop Style 1,6 GAL

  • STATE PRISON "Elipso"
  • narrow, small, round - teardrop style
  • sits high on top tube (low tunnel)
  • 1.6 gal. (approx. 6l) capacity
  • 2x 1/4 NPT fuel tap connection
  • screw-In fuel cap mount (H-D from '83)
  • free DOCK66 fuel canister (2l) with the purchase of every tank (as long as stock lasts)


Small, narrow and round STATE PRISON chopper tank called "Elipso" in teardrop style. Comes unpainted with screw-in gas cap for the perfect round shape. There are two ¼ inch fuel tap connections at the end of the tank for optimal use of the fuel capacity of about 1.6 gallons, which is an insane 6 Liters.

Ride on!

Tank dimensions: 41 cm length x 22 cm width x 20 cm height. Total length including the support lugs 46 cm. The recess to accommodate the frame tube is 6 cm wide, approx. 5 cm at the front (approx. 7 cm at the end of the lug) and approx. 3 cm deep at the rear.

Note: it is recommended to pressure test, seal and test fit the tank before painting and installing the tank.