Air Cleaner "Classic" 7" round chrome for CV or Delphi

  • Air cleaner "Classic" 7" chrome round
  • with filter element and retaining plate
  • diameter 7" inch (ca.18cm)
  • fits various Harley models
  • for CV carbs and Delphi injection

Stylish, round air filter in clean look, high quality chrome plated, which replaces the unsightly original filter. Comes with foam filter element. Note: 93-up models require minor modifications to the black bracket and a matching breather kit must be used. In the store we offer the filter still in black (item no.15-0033), as well as a replacement filter element (item no.15-0034) and breather kits (e.g. item no.15-0010).

Fits for the following models:
 90-17 BigTwins and 88-21 XL. With CV or Delphi fuel injection. (except models with E-throttle).